Web Design & Software Development

We are passionate about web design , Let us to grow your business Our Search Engine Optimization service encompasses consultation, keyword research, copywriting and much more. PSM Infoline is dedicated to the high standard of SEO that major search engines demand.
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We take a good care of Complete Customer Satisfaction which makes us a people oriented company, where in we work Person-to-Person than to-Business.


We believe TIME is precious . and we are bound to our commitment to create and develop customized services and products just for you well in time.


We promote full transparency. go-live on time, good service, honest pricing, professional design, no hidden charges, no confusions, ever ! so Sit back & relax


User Experience means focus on how it works and how people interact with it. User Interface, focuses on the look and layout. We ensure a product makes sense to the user and make an impact.

Front End Development

Front end development is how that design actually gets implemented on the web. We use HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Java, JavaScripts, Angularjs, React JS, JSP, Php to code the website and app created for web

Back End Development

It is the internal working of the application or website and everything that communicates between the database and the browser. This includes server side scripting, database connectivity like MSSQL, MySQL


We setup and manage everything: Domains, Web Hosting, Security, & more! So sit back, Relax, have a cup of coffee and leave everything to us. Your product, time to time updates and renewal notifications will be delivered On-Time


We develop your ideas of success you wish to achieve. With PSM Infoline, you leave your product in good hands. We make an all the efforts and expertise to deliver flawless web applications, and that’s what you expect from us, an amazing User Experience.


To start with us you can contact us here or mail us on admin[at]psminfoline.com , or call us on (+91) 90285 24393. We'll discuss your needs and will help you pick a package that fits your budget. We'll also explain how the whole process works.

Online Solution

We provide online solution for.....


School Management System

Managing school is becoming more tougher day by day. SMS enables Schools, Coaching Classes, and Education institutions to manage Attendance, Result, Exams, Online Tests and much more. Our SMS is a tool that is specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration of schools .

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Online Examination Management System

The online examination system is a digital platform that evaluates students in a hassle-free way. The entire examination process is simplified . Not only Text based questions, Graphic based and Logic based questions are the main feature of this module.

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Meeting and Minutes Management System

Facilitate a two-way conversation between Administrator and their direct managers. Exchange feedback and keep everything on track with comments, and goals. Collaborative agendas ensure attendees show up prepared and ready to participate.

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Search Engine Optimization

There are indefinite ways to promote your website, You will find how you can leverage different kinds of channels in a website or blog promotion. You will be learning about Search engine optimization , Onpage, Offpage. And how you can use these channels in order to promote content, rank your website and also generate traffic.

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Result Preparation & Management

To simplify the complex Result generation of School/Colleges, we have introduced Result Preparation and Management Services (RPMS). This handles daily school operations related to result and reports. RPMS effectively manages processes and operations of result preparation as fully managed service.

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Pension Monitoring System for Organizations

Pension is a much required retirement income just like SALARY while in service. But what if it is disbursed short or excess. Our PMS monitors all these descrepancies and bring it into the notice of employer to make it correct and prevent loss of Government Revenue as well as Pensioner's monitory loss

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Data Research and Analysis

During the early days of a startup, a hundred different things demand your attention as a founder, and data collection is in top of your list of priorities. Data collection is crucial not only for large companies, but even for startups. Data can offer key insights about your target customers, how they are interacting with your brand and their opinion.

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Back Office Services

Our team includes administrative experts that are skilled to handle various types of back-office needs. They have undergone training in the latest tools and technology to ensure you receive the best quality service. By placing back-office needs in the hands of trusted experts, you will have ample time to focus on your business.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is advertising or promotion through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. We provide these services by which you can endorse your goods, services, and brands and help to reach your targeted audiance and generate leads for your product or services.

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